Great Care for Little Kidneys. Everywhere.

The International Pediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA) is a global, 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization that believes that all children deserve to be healthy and receive optimal treatment and care for kidney disease regardless of their economic level or political choice. IPNA facilitates the exchange of knowledge and expertise without barriers, does not discriminate and is committed to international understanding. Through our programs, IPNA works to disseminate knowledge about kidney disease in children in the areas where care is needed most, and IPNA is the ONLY organization in the world today providing these services for children with kidney disease.

We teach and train through fellowships, teaching courses, junior classes and more. When one IPNA doctor trains 100 doctors in a developing country, thousands of children receive care, and lives are saved. While the impact of our programs leads to positive outcomes, the value of having access to just one IPNA- trained doctor is absolutely immeasurable to a family who is desperately trying to save their child’s life.

IPNA Launching Campaign to Raise Money for Program Growth

GREAT CARE FOR LITTLE KIDNEYS EVERYWHERE is IPNA’s goal, which we can achieve by accelerating the efforts of IPNA volunteer physicians globally. Education and training are our powerful tools that need to be increased to meet the need. Join this effort to insure these vital programs are sustainable. Please review the giving options, which include establishing a legacy gift, supporting fellowships, teaching courses and other opportunities. IPNA’s goal is to have a pediatric nephrologist providing service in all communities in need. Everywhere. Please give now. Thank you.

Read this important message from IPNA President Dr. Pierre Cochat regarding the enormous need for IPNA program growth.

You can make an impact on global kidney health in children by supporting IPNA’s programs. Your donation will further strengthen our community medical systems around diagnosis and treatment to address the disparity in healthcare in developing nations. Please join us in caring for Little Kidneys.

IPNA is committed to nonprofit transparency and has proudly reached the Silver Transparency Level on GuideStar, a charity watchdog service. The GuideStar database includes roughly 1.8 million IRS-recognized tax-exempt organizations in the US, and less than 1 percent of these organizations have reached this Silver Transparency Level. At IPNA, we know that there are millions of ways that you can spend your charitable dollars to help good causes around the globe. Support IPNA today and know that your generous gift in any amount is being used responsibly to further our mission and save Little Kidneys.

Regardless of how you give, SAVING CHILDREN’S LIVES is the impact of your gift. Please give today.

An IPNA fellow can spend more than 12 months getting hands-on, in-depth training at one of IPNA's Training Centers that are located around the globe.

Let’s work together to find the best way for your gift to make the greatest impact.

This initiative will increase the quantity and quality of demographic information about pediatric ESRD and RRT.

Saving Lives Is the Real Impact of Your Gift.

IPNA Charity Little Kidneys Train Doctors


pays for a doctor from a developing country to receive IPNA membership benefits and resources.

IPNA Charity Little Kidneys Train Doctors


supports doctors traveling to disaster areas to treat children with kidney disease.

IPNA Charity Little Kidneys Train Doctors


covers the cost of one fellowship at an IPNA Training Center.

IPNA Charity Little Kidneys Train Doctors


pays for 10 courses taught in developing countries.

Your Donation In Any Amount Can Help Change the Fate of a Child.